Exclusive Excerpt from Love or Luxury!

“Are you sure I can’t walk you to your door? I can’t stand the thought of you walking home from here so late at night.” He sat perched on his bike, as she’d insisted he do, after removing and storing her helmet.

“I’ll be fine. You know the Meadow is completely safe at night, and I literally live one minute from here. It’s no big deal.”

She opened the front of his jacket to slip it off, but he tugged the edges of the zipper back together so she couldn’t. Then he pulled her up against the side of the bike, her thighs ending up on either side of his knee. He fought back the urge to groan at the sensation of her body pressing against him that way. By the look of lust in her eyes, she was fighting an urge, too.

“Keep the jacket until I see you again.” His voice came out strained and gruff, partly because of the evening spent talking and dancing, and partly because he tried—and failed miserably—to keep his desire for her from coming through. She nodded. He noted she was once again at a loss for words this evening. “Keep this until next time, too.”

He leaned into her, claiming her mouth with his. He didn’t even try to fight the moan that came from the deepest regions of his body when she nibbled on his bottom lip then plunged her tongue into his mouth. He could kiss her all night.

He could think of about a million other things he could do with her all night, too. But not tonight. Tonight, he would go home alone totally satisfied—well, mostly satisfied—after one of the best first dates he’d ever had.

She pulled back from him, and he reluctantly forced himself to let her go. “Until next time,” she said as she stepped backward onto the curb, snuggling his jacket up under her chin as if she was trying to breathe in his scent. He liked the thought of that. A lot.

“Until next time.” He fit his helmet back on his head, revved the engine, and started down the road.

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