Six Sentence Sunday 2/19

This week has been crazy busy, so without further ado, CLICK HERE for the authors participating this week.

My snippet this week gives you a little more from last week. Gavin is really good at what he does…


She tried to stay still, but she couldn’t help squirming as he slid the smooth material over her hips, pausing only long enough to brush his lips against her skin.

“Didn’t I ever mention I’m exceptionally skilled at this?” He dipped his head, finding her eager flesh waiting for him.

Tali groaned loudly, arching her back while his mouth did things she’d only imagined previously possible. “You totally didn’t mention this. I would have remembered.” 

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  1. Laura Kaye says:

    Sexy exchange!

  2. Paula Martin says:

    Great six, I love his tenderness.

  3. Lisa Fox says:

    Sounds like he wasn’t kidding. Sexy!

  4. Robin Leigh Morgan says:

    Since this is my first time here, and first time commenting, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. My first comment is what I envision happening in an upcoming scene.

    Other than that, open a window to let some of the steam being created out.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Heh, I’m surprised she can talk at all. 🙂 Great six!

  6. Angela Quarles says:

    Yum! Sexy 6! he’s got some mad skillz

  7. Alix Cameron says:

    I’m echoing but really well constructed and beautifully intimate.

  8. Janet Lane Walters says:

    Nice sentences. A good tease to pull readers ahead.

  9. Dakota Trace says:

    Ooooo steamy six this week. Now I want to know more.

  10. Monica Enderle Pierce says:

    Oh, my, he sounds quite memorable! Love that we know what’s happening without having it shoved in our faces. Great six!

  11. DeAnna Felthauser says:

    Yummy six! I like a man confident in his abilities! 🙂

  12. K.E. Saxon says:

    Oh, yeah. They’re about to get it on. (At least SHE’LL see his hard inches, LOL!) Great six, Heather. This guy is sooo sexy.

  13. Lila Shaw says:

    Ya…not the sort of thing one forgets.

  14. Gayle Ramage says:

    Funny, sweet and sexy all at the same time!

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