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Hi everyone,

I was just wandering around Goodreads and I noticed something new—LOVE AND LATTES was included on a list of Best Debut Chick Lit!! I don’t know how I got on a list, or who put me there, but thanks! I’m not sure it means a whole lot more than someone liked my book enough to put it on a list, but…

SOMEONE LIKED MY BOOK ENOUGH TO PUT IT ON A LIST!!!!! It’s the little things that make it worthwhile. *happy sigh*

Stop by and check it out by CLICKING HERE! And you know, ahem, vote for my book while you’re there! It looks like this:


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  1. Laura Pep Wu says:

    COngrats! It’s a great cover and title and I’m excited to read it. Btw I’m a little late to the party but I LOVE your new site! Kudos.

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