Cover Progress…Sort of.

Hubster is working on the cover for my upcoming release. *SQUEE!!* Here’s our most recent conversation about how it’s going.

DH: “I’m making her boobs really big.”

Me: “Um, she’s wearing a ski jacket. How can you see how big her boobs are?”

DH: “Pfffttt, Heather. Come on now. Don’t be silly.”

Did I mention he’s a boob man?

So yeah, my cover is coming along nicely—with a really busty heroine I guess.


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  1. Lisa T says:

    Best. Blog. Post. EVER!

    1. Heather says:

      Hey Lisa!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Good thing I don’t get offended easily, huh? Can’t wait to show off the new cover—ta-tas and all—as soon as it’s finished!

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