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Kali can’t cook to save her life, but she can write. As a foodie reviewer for both a huge national paper and a successful blog, she’s well on her way to achieving her dreams. When she’s offered a cookbook deal, she thinks she’s finally made it…until her latest review comes out a little harsher than expected and the restaurateur threatens to expose all her secrets.
Mac’s whole life is spent in the kitchen, running a New York City restaurant and a culinary school for underprivileged youth. When donations stop pouring in for Mac’s culinary school after a scathing review of his restaurant, he fears he may have to shut the doors if he can’t find a way to turn things around. Then he meets Kali, the reviewer who admits she has no culinary skills. Now he’s made her an offer she can’t refuse—he’ll teach her to cook over the summer and help her with recipes for the cookbook if she’ll agree to write an insider piece highlighting the strengths of his culinary school.
But when things start heating up in Mac’s kitchen, keeping her hands on the food and off of Mac is proving harder than Kali expected.




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Sunny California? Not so much. Amelia’s stuck at the office retreat in frickin’ Lake Tahoe with a grabby colleague who thinks he’s God’s gift to women.

At least the workshop presenter is super hot… if only she can get him to take her from the bunny hill to the bedroom.

Amelia Brooks agrees to a weekend retreat in California, thinking it will be held in sunny Malibu only to find out she’s stuck in chilly Lake Tahoe for four long days—just what a girl from Minnesota wants to hear in the middle of winter. Now instead of wiggling her toes in the sand, her feet are squeezed into her new manufactured-by-Satan-himself-uncomfortable boots. If that’s not enough, Amelia’s obnoxious colleague William has decided this is the weekend they’ll finally be together and he won’t keep his thoughts—or his hands—to himself.

Amelia’s ready to kick off those boots and peel off her wooly sweater once she meets Nate Miller—the workshop’s hunky presenter. But Nate’s not ready to settle down. He’s seen his workshop buddies fall in love then fall out of the running for being promoted to the big city workshop circuit and he’s not about to let that happen to his life’s dream—until he gets involved with Amelia. Now he’s not so sure he can walk away at the end of the weekend with his heart intact and his promotion in hand.

Now Amelia’s got four days to stave off William’s persistent advances long enough to fall in love with Nate and possibly…learn to ski the bunny hill.


5 stars! “This book had me laughing out loud and rooting for Amelia and Nate. If you love romance and you love chick lit and you love to laugh, then you need this book. “

5 stars! “I enjoyed this book very much….some suspense and good plot.”

5 stars! “This is one of those romances that can keep you up late into the night to finish needing to know what is going to happen… Definitely a great read you don’t want to miss.”


As it was, he knew he’d be thinking of this precise moment long after Amelia finally removed her body from his. He wasn’t going to forget the weight of her pressing against him in all the right places any time soon—that he was sure of. He was almost certain his body would yearn for contact with hers again the instant they were out of this snow bank.

“Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying this, but I really should get off of you,” she said, bringing his thoughts back to the present as she wiggled on top of him again as if trying to find a way to shift her body off of his.

“True. Your boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy if he saw you getting this close and personal with the workshop host, would he?” He hoped he sounded indifferent as he tried to peek down at their skis to see what the problem was. The skis were so crossed he could barely tell which were his own.

She stilled. “What boyfriend?” Her head tilted to the side.

“The one who keeps putting his arm around you every chance he gets.”

“Like he’s a dog marking his territory, right?” She laughed. “He’s a dog alright, but he’s not my dog. He likes to act like he’s my boyfriend, but trust me, he’s the furthest thing from it.”

“Good to know I was mistaken,” Nate said, relief filling him as he realized there was no reason why he couldn’t be with her this weekend. She was free and he was interested. Time to find out if she had any interest in him too. “Then perhaps we should hang out here a little longer and get to know each other a little better now that I know you’re not taken.”

She didn’t say anything for a moment and he held his breath waiting for her response. “I think I’d rather get to know you when I can feel all the parts of my body.”

He grinned and raised an interested eyebrow at her. He liked where this was headed. In fact, they could head there right now while everyone else was still busy skiing. That would be fine with him.

“Wait. Crap. That’s not how I meant it to sound.” She blushed again.

Deep red filled the apples of her cheeks. He wished he wasn’t wearing gloves at that moment so he could touch her rosy skin and feel the heat radiating from her. Or he could kiss her cheeks—and mouth and neck softly until her cheeks were flushed pink for another reason.

“I meant I’m cold. My body is going to be frostbitten very soon. That’s all.” Then she shook her head and groaned again. “I don’t want us to die of hypothermia while we get to know each other, that’s all.”

She was very cute when she was flustered.

As much as he wanted to stay with her here, to see how many more times he could make her blush, to continue to feel her body on his, he knew they needed to get inside. Reluctantly, he decided it would be in both of their best interest if they got themselves out of the snow bank. The sooner the better or they would end up with a serious case of frostbite. After these last few minutes with her, that was the last thing he wanted to happen to either of their bodies. No, he had better things planned for them. Hotter things.

He reached for his ski pole, which luckily lay beside him and used it to try and pop his boot from the binding of his ski. With a quick hard shove, his boot came loose and he kicked the ski aside. He dropped his pole and took hold of her sides instead. “Okay,” he started with his plan, “I’ve got one leg free, so I’m going to roll us over and then I’ll be able to reach my other ski. Got it?”

“Is there a plan B?”


“Okay then. Let’s get rollin’ over.” She grabbed onto his shoulders with her gloved hands as though to brace herself for the impact of him on top of her.

He lifted her slightly and shifted his body under hers. Parts of him rubbed against fabric, creating a very pleasant reaction to his current predicament. Unfortunately, now wasn’t the time to think about things like that. In one fluid movement, he gently pushed her to the side and rolled himself on top of her, carefully keeping his body lifted so he wouldn’t accidentally crush her into the snow.

Hovering over her, Nate was overcome with the immediate desire to be in this exact position with Amelia another time—one when they were hot and sweaty somewhere instead of freezing in a snow bank. The urge to kiss her, to feel her body against him—her lips hot and wet on his own—made his head spin. His arms grew weak as he lowered himself on top of her, but not because they couldn’t hold his weight, simply because as his desire grew, his defenses to resist her dissolved.

His lips inched closer to hers. His pulse raced through his body, awakening areas that had been sleeping too long. Her chin tilted up toward him and her lips parted slightly. Her tongue flickered beneath the opening like a secret waiting to be discovered. Her eyes never left his, but they grew heavier with every agonizing second that passed.

He could kiss her—right here, right now. His body begged him to. His mouth opened as he subconsciously mirrored her lips and he lowered himself further until he was a breath away from her beckoning lips.

Yes, he would kiss her and then he could die a happy man.