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FridayReadsHappy Friday!! It’s been a long week and I’m heading into an even longer weekend with not 1, but 4 soccer games on the schedule. And 2 practices too! Yikes. As much as I love watching my girls run around on the field, each game means showing up 45 minutes early for a warm-up practice. The best part of the that is I get to sit sidelines and read until the game starts, so really, it’s a win/win for all of us!! WhooHoo! So what am I reading this weekend? Here goes:

My reads:

  1. Sand: Omnibus Edition by Hugh Howey — I love this author and have read a few other books of his. This one is also set in an alternate future, but this time it’s full of… Can you guess it?… Sand! It sounds lame when I say it that way, lol, but it’s honestly a really fun read. There are sand divers who are basically treasure hunters and the whole world is a giant shifting sand dune. It’s pretty cool and worth checking out if it sounds like your kind of genre.
  2. Red Rising by Pierce Brown — I’m listening to this one on Audible and it’s fantastic! It’s the first of a series. Hubs is also reading the series but he’s already on book 3. I’m looking forward to listening to all the stuff he’s been enjoying. The narrator has a great voice and the story is full of twists and turns that are completely captivating. I’d say, if the book doesn’t grab you immediately, give it to halfway before deciding if it’s for you or not. The story changes and develops so much that it’s sometimes hard to remember that the story I started reading at the beginning is still the same one now. So good!


My kids’ reads:

  1. Fablehaven book 4 — Oldest daughter is reading this series and loving every minute of it. She’s a huge fantasy fan and has read as many series as I can find her. This one is definitely holding her attention and she keeps telling me how good it is! If you have a reader who loves fantasy, then maybe these are worth checking out.
  2. Wings of Fire book 4 — Youngest is just starting book four of this series. My older one read these over the last year or two and totally loved them so I’m really happy to see the younger one take an interest in them too. We’ve also shared this series with a bunch of friends with kids the same age (late elementary/early middle-school) and all the books come back smiling faces! So far we haven’t found anyone who doesn’t like the series! I wish I could tell you more about this series, but I haven’t read it myself. All I know is it’s about Dragons, Dragons, and more Dragons!

What’s on your reading pile for this weekend? I’m always looking for recommendations and new authors to try!! Let me know what you’re reading in the comments!!


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  1. Lola Karns says:

    My daughter is a huge fan of both Fablehaven and Wings of Fire. For kids who love books and/or puzzles, I highly recommend the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series. I’m reading them with my son (3rd gr.) and we both love them.

    1. Heather says:

      Hi Lola! That’s awesome that your daughter loved those series’ as well! I’m just happy that both girls have become readers. So nice to see them with a book in their hands instead of a device. Thanks for the rec. I’m sure we have Mr. Lemoncello’s in the house, but I’m not sure if the kids have read it yet or not. I’ll have to check with them. Your son might also enjoy Spy School if you haven’t read it yet. We read that one together as a family and it was really entertaining!

  2. Eileen R says:

    I remember those days of watching my children swim in USS swim meets all year round. Indoors for 4-5 hours at a stretch. Try that for a whole weekend! Soccer matches are over a lot sooner so I grant you that plus you are outdoors and not crammed into stadium seating with other parents and all their stuff. I would get so much reading and sewing done at those events. Have fun this weekend.
    I am reading Wild Ride by Julie Ann Walker. it is part of the Black Knight series. I’m getting to the good part too.

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